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"Our main objective was to re-think traditional packaging methodology. Used as a tool to showcase our ability to think & work beyond convention, we determined from the out-set that drawing inspiration from uncommon sources was essential to the success of the project. Cue the Terpentine: An attractive shape, an airtight seal, something unexpected. This container delivered on all counts, but how to break from the unfriendly, industrial, and for all intensive purposes toxic associations we as consumers have made with that form?

A bright yet soft color palette combined with elegant and approachable serif type helps soften the brand against the harshness of material. A quick sand, prime, and dip in paint helps add some individuality among the products and re-enforces the handmade nature of the product, No two wishbones being exactly the same.”

AKA is not one of those big fancy agencies – they are a small focused design studio that works efficiently to make the most of budgets and timelines through their streamlined positioning and design process. They are a team that believes that “all work and no play makes for a dull day”. While they take their work seriously, they believe you need to enjoy the ride – as the journey is often just as important as the end result.

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Created by two students, Thomas Squire and Eve Warren, Nada features geometric patterns in bold colors.

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Sleek, futuristic identity design by Tom Jaeger

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Public Space

Sulliwan Studio

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Ask cards by Jacob Nielsen


Ask cards by Jacob Nielsen

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Mild Whistle

Singapore based design studio Oddds created Mild Whistle’s new identity. It stems from a paradox effect surrounded by a combination of funk layering beyond formality. Like a gentle thunder - where two opposites or complexities brings about the designer’s works as it; being louder than what the designer intends.

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Same as Colby Poster Printing Co. ..  Globe Poster Co. produced the flyers from its industrial print shop in Baltimore for more than 80 years before shutting down in 2010. Unfortunately they couldn’t survive in this digital era. It kind of makes sense, that nothing last forever, but still sad to see that craft print shops closing down forever.

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Graphic design

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